INTERNATIONAL SOCK MONKEY is a boutique music publisher specializing in helping independent and niche artists get started in publishing and licensing. ISM is currently the exclusive publishing representative of Bella Ruse, Kay Gillette, Joseph Barker, Josh Mogck, Hurricane Hearts, Piq Niq and Shafer Brown.

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Main music monkey Joseph Barker has licensed work to Showtime, MTV, Bulgari, and the Vancouver Film School, scored two short films, written and produced songs on nine albums for five different artists, and composed the music and lyrics for a full length musical. He's studied piano and theory his whole life and has a degree in philosophy, which entitles him to be very comfortable writing in the third person. He geeks out over recording gear but deep down believes a good song beats an expensive mic any day. He likes a well-planned recording session but always leaves room for happy accidents and wacky ideas. He likes traveling with his band, Bella Ruse, but is excited to be home in Columbus at the moment.